Refresh & Restock Coming Spring 2023

About Dug & Mary


I’m Jessica, the maker behind Dug and Mary Designs. Crystals have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always dabbled in Jewellery making but in 2014 I took a wire wrapping course with my mom.

I stuck with it for a while and although I enjoyed it, I was still looking for my passion process. Then, in 2015 I discovered electroforming. I was hooked from the start!

When I first got all the electroforming supplies very few people were doing it and there was little information about how the process actually worked. As a result, there was a LOT of trial and error! Through countless experiments with the acid content of my bath, the amount of current for each piece, and different types of conductive materials, I have perfected my process!

Malas are a relatively new addition to my crystal jewelry repitoire. Together with my electroformed pieces, I have created a unique, handmade, high quality jewelry line that is popular with people of all ages across all walks of life.

Thank you so much for supporting my art! I truly appreciate you! Please contact me with any questions!