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Hi, I'm Angela! My passion is to help others rekindle their connection with mother nature and the wonders of the earth and through that – the connection with their own inner selves. I help to create the potential for healing and growth through my custom series of crystal grid kits and mala's – each with a specific intention.

AURA Crystals & Oddities went from a dream to reality in fall of 2020 after moving to the Fraser Valley the year prior and leaving my corporate job behind. After going through a difficult chapter in my own life, I reconnected with my spiritual self and began to move past the trauma with the help of the healing abilities of crystals and meditation. This is how the concept of AURA was born, with a mission to share the power of self healing with others!

At AURA, I work to form deep connections with my clients - putting love and specific intention into every order. All crystals are charged and cleansed before preparing your order and each come with a write up to help you get to know your collection and each crystals specific uses. Our custom crafted grids are double sided, allowing you a selection of sacred geometry when laying out your crystals. If you don’t see the grid kit with the intention that you need in your life right now – please reach out and I will craft one especially for you!

At AURA we believe in growing as a community and try to be as connected in the local community through participation in fundraisers, and collaborations with local artisans. AURA currently offers free local pickup within the Promontory area of Chilliwack with hopes to join markets when the pandemic status of our world allows for it to meet as many of you face to face as possible. Currently orders can also be shipped within Canada and the US!

Reconnecting with nature one stone at a time


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